Rajika + Soloman | Concept Film

Soloman and Rajika’s concept was filmed over the course of 3 days, 2 days for the downtown part and a day for the beach fight scenes. The hard work of everyone who took part in this film, brought out such a polished product. We would like to thank the entire team for the hard work and efforts and cooperation. Take a moment to escape reality and enter the realm of a fairy tale! Enjoy.


Varunan & Sharmini || Music Video

a premonition? a deja vu? a life long of “knowing” at the first glance?
Sit back and relax as we take you through the journey of time as two centuries unite to create one amazing film.

filmed and edited by Digital Fusion Production.

“when Varunan takes the first glance at Sharmini, his heart races, he loses focus and his mind quickly dives into the memory lane of his soul as he realizes that he’s seen her before. He then gets a flash back from centuries before! He soon comes to a realization that he exchanged eye contact with her as they both went to pick up her umbrella that she had dropped.

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Anoja+Reegan | Some Dreams Do Come True…

This story begins with Anoja waiting patiently for Reegan to come pick her up in his lil Red mini cooper. After Anoja gets in, she plays the audio track in the car which causes Reegan to start dreaming about how his engagement shoot for his upcoming wedding would be like! All this dreaming was happening while he was parked in an intersection. The dream comes to a halt with Anoja waking Reegan after realizing that he wasn’t driving when the signal lights turned green.

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Harresh & Vathsala | NDE

We were all smiles when we were editing this next day highlight clip! You’ll find out why as you watch this!

Photography : Studio 12