Varunan & Sharmini || Music Video

a premonition? a deja vu? a life long of “knowing” at the first glance?
Sit back and relax as we take you through the journey of time as two centuries unite to create one amazing film.

filmed and edited by Digital Fusion Production.

“when Varunan takes the first glance at Sharmini, his heart races, he loses focus and his mind quickly dives into the memory lane of his soul as he realizes that he’s seen her before. He then gets a flash back from centuries before! He soon comes to a realization that he exchanged eye contact with her as they both went to pick up her umbrella that she had dropped. With an inch of doubt but guided by his gut feeling, Varunan in the present time, anticipates her to drop the umbrella! As she is about to drop it, Varunan catches not only the umbrella but also the attention of Sharmini! They slowly exchange eye contact and realize that Fate some how reunited them!

For it is said, that “some lives are linked across time connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages”


Here is the Next Day Edit of their wedding ceremony.

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