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BHAV & AMIT : Next Day Edit

When you’re invited to film one of the most important days of two peoples lives you can’t help but feel emotional and happy at the joys that occur through out the span of a day. The Digital Fusion Production team was especially touched at how beautifully two different religions came together, in one day, to celebrate love and marriage. Bhav and Amit are an outstanding couple with wonderful families, and we’re excited to share their Next Day Edit with you. We managed to film over 5 locations, in 2 different cities and couldn’t help but film with smiles on our face because Bhav and Amit have contagious smiles – you’ll see in the video!

Kaarunya & Mevan

We had the pleasure of filming yet another fusion wedding.
Kaarunya and Mevan had a gorgeous hindu and buddhist wedding ceremony. We really enjoyed working with them and their family. Enjoy the video….

AJ + J. | NDE

AJ & J.
Not only do they share the same letter in this title, but they also share a love between them so strong that, literally, it is displayed through out this entire highlight. Prepare to smile as you view Aj & J’s love in motion.

Photography was done by Divinemethod, make sure to checkout their work. Great guys to work with…

Date : Ceremony April 24, 2011 (Richmond Hill Pillaiyar Temple) , Reception April 25, 2011 (Spirale Banquet)
Photography : Divinemethod PhotographyFacebook

Abi & Bravein | Engagement

Abi & Bravein Engagement…

Date: May 15, 2010
Photography :  Pearl Image Photography – Facebook

Suthu & Rekha’s Engagement Shoot

A small teaser of their pre-wedding shoot. Enjoy!

Shoot with:
5d Mk2

Photography : 2xclusiv

BMW 335i

A short fun clip of the BMW 335i coupe. Shot with 5D MKii /24mm/50mm.
This is one sweet ride with twin turbo engine. It puts out 300 Horsepower and 300 pound-feet of toque.

Its a second BMW sequel, the first one can be seen here.. shot with HV30.


M+S | Tying The Knot {Next Day Edit}

This was really a special day for Mahendan and Sharmila, well planned and a beautiful event. We were super excited to shoot this wedding because it was our first wedding of the year to be filmed with HD DSLRs.

We were really excited about our new gear and how it was all going to unfold. To our liking the shoot turned out really well and the couple loved it. Both Mahendan and Sharmila were wonderful to work with, always with a big smile on their faces (Especially when Mahendran says “cheeseeee!!”).

Going into this event we knew we had a long day ahead of us…. sure enough we ended up going to sleep at 3am after putting together the Next Day Edit for the reception and all we can say is that the response was worth it.  They really enjoyed the video and Mahendan really loved the ending when we showed his BMW :) 

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Banu + Bakeer | Save the Date

A little teaser for B&B’s May 16th Wedding!

Digital Fusion Logo Design

We were really impressed with the way our logo was designed. A Elegant, classy and stylish brand identity that would stimulate ones visual appeal, and etch itself into the memory of everyone that sees it.

Narani Kannan who is a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design and holds numerous awards in design and arts. Narani Kannan is from Toronto and specializes in brand identity, package design, typography, and print.

The Concept: Videography is a mixture of sound, words and pictures to stimulate the senses and tug at the heartstrings in an emotional way. The custom hand lettering wordmark has to best represent Digital Fusion Productions characteristics. The mark needs to be unique and distinctive from all other competitors but still have a strong, bold, attractive, classy, young and modern feel to it.

The hand-lettered script is demonstrated with distinctive swash characters that will leave behind a remarkable and lasting impression.


Color: The color chosen for Digital Fusion’s logo is solid Black. Black is the absence of all color. Black is powerful and striking and invokes authority, boldness, tradition, simplicity and classiness. The color choice works well for this as it portrays a timeless feel to it.

Picture 39 Picture 38

Business card mock-up design

Picture 32 Picture 34