Wedding Highlight

Keerthika & Paran: iMarriage

Paran & Keerthika’s wedding took place on Dec 11 of 2010 at Paradise Banquet Hall. We wish the couple the best of luck on their new journey of life as husband and wife! The lovely new home in Ajax awaits such a wonderful newly married couple!

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M+S | Tying The Knot {Next Day Edit}

This was really a special day for Mahendan and Sharmila, well planned and a beautiful event. We were super excited to shoot this wedding because it was our first wedding of the year to be filmed with HD DSLRs.

We were really excited about our new gear and how it was all going to unfold. To our liking the shoot turned out really well and the couple loved it. Both Mahendan and Sharmila were wonderful to work with, always with a big smile on their faces (Especially when Mahendran says “cheeseeee!!”).

Going into this event we knew we had a long day ahead of us…. sure enough we ended up going to sleep at 3am after putting together the Next Day Edit for the reception and all we can say is that the response was worth it.  They really enjoyed the video and Mahendan really loved the ending when we showed his BMW :) 

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