Anoja+Reegan | Some Dreams Do Come True…

This story begins with Anoja waiting patiently for Reegan to come pick her up in his lil Red mini cooper. After Anoja gets in, she plays the audio track in the car which causes Reegan to start dreaming about how his engagement shoot for his upcoming wedding would be like! All this dreaming was happening while he was parked in an intersection. The dream comes to a halt with Anoja waking Reegan after realizing that he wasn’t driving when the signal lights turned green. Soon after he awakens, Reegan switches the audio track which leads both Reegan and Anoja to dream of their actual wedding day! They both then wake up in their mini cooper to realize that the dream they had wasn’t a dream and in fact that it was a reality. They both couldn’t believe that they were already married.

The story ends with the words “Some Dreams Do Come True”


Photography : Divinemethod Photography

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