Kasthury & Sutha – Same Day Edit

We put together a surprise SDE for Kasthury and Sutha. It was a tough one, we were capturing and editing every chance we had because we knew we will have every little time after the ceremony to finish the video. Never the less we finished the video and had it playing.

Date : July 3rd 2010
Photography : Studio 12

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  1. Sutha and Kasthury | ROKChoi

    […] Working with video guys are a hit-or-miss. There’s going to be times when we do get in each other’s ways, good communication is essential to get through the day. Working with Theeban and his Digital Fusion team was great. Their team was professional and their video lights definitely helped as I was able to take advantage of their lighting set up. Check out their same day edit here. […]


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